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Dye your hair without damage

by black rose 19 Nov 2022

“Dye without damage” it’s a big problem now a days .if you think about dye there is a large number of problems are their in your mind like damage hair ,bad smell , stain on skin , dryness and dull hair. The basics reason of these problems is ammonia in dyes . Why you consider coloring patterns and hair coloring brands, does the word “ammonia” ring caution bells in you hair Are you pressured by way of the ammonia-free hair color label on hair shades and what it method? Then this post goes to reply all of your questions and put your worries approximately hair coloring to relaxation.

The majority are beneath the impact that each one hair color are terrible for their hair. They’ve heard horror testimonies of itcng or burning sensations within the scalp, a drastic rise within the wide variety of grey hair or hair damage after hair color treatments.

Six solution of problems:

 Here we give you a solution of your problems. Black Rose Safe Color have these ingredients to give your hair a healthy look .

  • Ammonia free hair color
  • Contain Vitamin E
  • Honey extract
  • Blending with coconut oil
  • Stain free skin
  • Grey coverage

An overview on Ammonia Free hair color:

Ammonia-free hair colors, as the name shows, are hair colors that are freed from ammonia and contain other chemical compounds that assist impart hair shade on your hair. These hair colors include emollient oils and other components so that the hair cuticle does no longer lose moisture or protein for the duration of the hair coloring process. The chemicals in those hair colorings are gentler at the hair and save you hair harm. via using ammonia-free products from hair color brands, you can make sure that your hair does now not get damaged and you can coloration it with none concerns.

An overview on Vitamin E:

Hair can look dull and frizzy while it’s broken. When the protective fats layer at the outside of the hair’s cuticle is removed, it loses its shine and becomes tough to control or style according to the Academy of Dermatology. A vitamin E-wealthy oil can help update that protective layer and produce returned shine. Oil in trendy also allows seal out moisture, reduce breakage, and protect the hair from damage Trusted supply

An overview on Honey extract :

Honey has both emollient and humectant properties, making it a high-quality hair moisturizer. Emollients smooth the hair follicles, including shine to dull hair. Humectants bond with water molecules, adding moisture to dry strands. Honey can help restore the natural luster of your hair.

Blending with coconut oil:

Coconut oil help to moisturize your hair and give a natural shine to your hair . If you use coconut oil while dyeing it’s help to protect your hair from damage . And Black Rose has its effect blending which give a good heath and great shine to your hair.

Grey coverage :

The main purpose of the dye your hair is to cover your grey hair, because every one wants the same shade of hair which enhance the personality of the person .Black Rose Safe color is basically use to cover your grey hair.  

Stain free skin :

It’s a common problem while any one is dyeing hair that the skin a forehead and hand have stain of color but Black rose hair color give you a stain free hair dye . So you no need to upset while you use it .


As we know, hair are very important for everyone, hair explain the personality of the people. The best way to look good is to change your appearance with changing your hair color. But hair color can damage your hair health that’s why you should chose the dye which have natural products that can’t  damage your hair and five them a bright shine . Black Rose Safe color help you to protect your hair and it has no side affects.

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